CRES Home Warranty

CRES members have exclusive access to CRES home warranty products. In addition to the valuable protection of our standard home warranty, the First American CRES Platinum 13-month home warranty plan includes the CRES E&O Seller’s Protection Plan* — $50,000 in coverage to provide your seller with priceless peace of mind after the sale.

CRES Home Warranty

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Home Warranty Protection With E&O Insurance

You’ll stand out from your competitors when you let your sellers know you have provided E&O insurance to protect them in case something goes wrong after the home closes. Simply sign in to your First American account and remember to select the CRES coverage when ordering home warranty coverage for all of your listings.

CRES Home Warranty

Our 13-month CRES home warranty coverage includes:

  • Coverage for 14 SEER or higher rated compatibility – Assures that replaced equipment meets the new 14 SEER regulation and new equipment is compatible with existing equipment.
  • No cap on HVAC refrigerant replacement – A CRES home warranty plan covers the full amount of refrigerant needed to repair your air conditioner.
  • Water heater efficiency – Water heaters replaced under our CRES home warranties adhere to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) efficiency standards.

Plus the added CRES benefit of:

  • Seller’s Protection Plan – Sellers E&O coverage of up to $50,000 to protect them from a disgruntled buyer after the close. Use this value-added benefit to get more listings.