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Michigan Home Warranty

Home appliance repairs can be a real pain, especially when you have to find a contractor and pay for huge repairs yourself. But with the Michigan home warranty plans offered by First American, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a faulty heating system or a broken refrigerator on your own.

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Protect Your Michigan Home

No matter how well you care for your appliances and home systems, they won't last forever. Even the sturdiest and most reliable items eventually break—which means you will need professional assistance for repairs.

However, paying for these repairs yourself can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This can definitely strain your budget, especially when you need to find the funds quickly.

But when you choose the services of a reputable Michigan home warranty company like First American, you won't have to worry about how to budget for expensive air conditioning or refrigerator repairs. When a covered items breaks, we'll assign a qualified contractor to assess the situation, diagnose the issue, and either fix the problem or replace the item altogether.

You get home warranty coverage for many of the home systems and appliances you use every day, gaining peace of mind and protecting your finances from unexpected costs.

Why worry about home appliance failures? First American has got your back!

Won't it be nice to sit back and enjoy the budget protection and peace of mind that a First American home warranty can offer? 


When you have a First American home warranty in Detroit, Lansing, or Grand Rapids, you don't have to worry about the process of finding a contractor for repairs. We'll help you by finding a qualified, prescreened contractor who will then contact you to schedule an appointment that works for you.

We have a vast network of contractors all across the state. If an appliance breaks down, just contact us 24/7 to request service and we'll start the process of assigning the contractor.

When you sign up for our coverage, you won't have to worry about the age of your appliances, as long as they are in safe, working condition. We also don't need to inspect your home to provide you with full coverage, so you can get a plan sorted and finalized quickly, without having to jump through hoops.

Home Buyer or Seller?

We offer special home warranty plans just for real estate transactions in Michigan.


When buying a home, it's almost impossible to eliminate all risk from the process. Even if everything looks perfect, there's always a chance that crucial appliances or home systems will break down shortly after purchase, potentially setting you back thousands of dollars immediately after making such a substantial financial commitment.

Most people spend a large portion of their savings on a new home, so dealing with additional expenses is not an option. Having a home warranty is an affordable way to provide more financial security when you buy a home.


For sellers, offering a Michigan home warranty plan with your home will act as a massive confidence boost for prospective buyers, who can feel more secure about the purchase. You’ll also get the benefit of a budget-protecting solution if something breaks during the listing or closing period.

First American is among the best home warranty options in Michigan because we understand the unique needs of homebuyers and home sellers, providing customizable solutions that fit virtually every home and budget.

Real estate plans for buyers are available online. Learn more about coverage and options for buyers.

Home Warranty FAQs

Here are some answers to your questions about First American home warranties.

What does a home warranty cover?

First American Home Warranty has plans and options to choose from to best suit your home's specific requirements. Plans can include coverage for kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, electrical, heating system, and more. Optional covered items can include pool and spa equipment, a well pump, and more. Get a quick quote and see what's covered.

What is a service call fee?

This is the fee paid to First American Home Warranty when you request service. The service call fee is similar to the deductible you pay when you make a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Who do I contact at First American Home Warranty when a covered item breaks?

When a covered item fails, sign in at or call First American at 800.992.3400 to request service. It is important to contact us first, as we do not reimburse for services performed without approval.

How quickly are home warranty claims handled?

After we confirm coverage here at First American Home Warranty, the repair technician typically receives the claim dispatch within four hours, during regular business hours. Normally, the technician will initiate service within 48 hours. Simple repairs are usually made on the first visit. If parts must be ordered, however, an additional visit(s) may be needed to complete the repair or replacement.

Who will you send out to my home to service my system or appliance?

We will send a technician from our network of thousands of independent service providers who are pre-screened, and monitored for performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Trust First American

As a homeowner, having a comprehensive Kentucky home warranty package can offer peace of mind, protecting you from unexpected costs related to appliance and home systems repairs.

However, in order to take advantage of what a home warranty plan can offer, you need to choose a provider that has a track record of keeping their promises. At First American, we have been steadily building our reputation for more than 35 years, and continue to strive to provide top-quality services to each and every customer.

With 24/7 access to placing a claim and a vast network of contractors in the state of Kentucky and nationwide, we’ll be able to quickly assign a contractor who can deal with your covered home system or appliance issue.

If you’re ready to get started on protecting your home with the home warranty Kentucky residents trust, we’re here to guide you through the entire process. Get a quote today, and see the coverage options available for your home.

First American Reviews

If you're not sure whether First American is the right fit for your needs, check out some of the home warranty reviews left by our happy customers.

My plumbing service was great. Communication was perfect. Called right away and told us what they were doing the whole time. Explained everything. Very nice service. Would use again. Thanks for all your help.

Brenda of Brunswick, OH

Submitting a claim with First American was easy, and they've been very accommodating. I called to submit the claims, and the claims representative has always been very helpful. The technicians have always been helpful, too. They explained everything that they were doing and the quality of their work was very good. I've recommended First American and had other people sign up with their policies as well. I've been very happy with them

Sheryl of West Bloomfield, MI

We had a failure of the control unit in a 20-year old double oven. Firts American had to make a fix or replace decision. Partly due to parts availability, we got a new oven. It took a little longer but was WAY worth it. Would recommend First American.

William of Toledo, OH

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