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Arizona Home Warranty

Maintenance is an inevitable part of owning a home, but even the most well maintained appliances and home systems will break down eventually. It can cause a lot of frustration when you're not prepared to deal with unexpected situations like these.

Luckily, if you have an Arizona home warranty from First American, you can rest assured that when something does go wrong with a covered appliance or home system, we will be there to take care of the problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. That leaves you free to spend time doing the things you love instead of worrying about finding someone to fix the problem.

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I'm interested in a home warranty

I'd like to get home warranty coverage. How do I find a quote that fits my budget?

What is a Home Warranty?

If you already have homeowners insurance, you might be wondering why you also need to look into home warranty companies in Arizona.

The truth is, home warranties offer additional budget protection, which is vital to avoiding unexpected expenses when covered items break in your home. Namely, it provides protection from household repair bills when appliances or systems break down.

When your air conditioning unit, electrical system, or dishwasher acts up, and you have one of our Arizona home warranty plans, you can contact us 24/7 and we will assign a qualified contractor to diagnose and repair or replace the covered item.

A skilled technician will come to your home, figure out what's wrong, and make the covered repairs: easy as that.

Out of all the home warranty companies in Phoenix, Arizona, First American offers some of the most comprehensive plans available to protect your household appliances and systems. We also offer some of the best coverage limits of any home warranty around.

Why worry about home appliance failures? First American has got your back!

Won't it be nice to sit back and enjoy the budget protection and peace of mind that a First American home warranty can offer? 


If you're a homeowner in Arizona, you need to ensure that when something breaks down, you're able to deal with it promptly. But without a home warranty, repairing important appliances can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Luckily, with a First American home warranty, your budget can be protected from unexpected breakdowns to home systems and appliances, minimizing the disruption to your family's daily life. We are one of the best home warranty companies in Arizona, because we have access to an extensive network of contractors statewide who are ready to help you when you need it most.

You also have one less worry as a homeowner, because you don't have to get a home inspection to cover older appliances: we accept systems and appliances regardless of age provided they are in safe, working order when coverage begins.

Home Seller?

First American is among the best home warranty options in Arizona when you’re selling a home, providing comprehensive coverage and an easy process for resolving problems that occur with covered items. By using an Arizona home warranty, you can add value to your listings, boost a buyer's confidence, and help prevent a price drop due to household appliances breaking down or not performing as they should. Having home warranty protection for your home can also reassure prospective buyers and help distinguish your properties from others on the market.


Buyers can also take advantage of our home warranty services to help them protect their budget from unexpected breakdowns to appliances in their new home, and have an easy solution when things do break.

Real estate plans for buyers are available online. Learn more about coverage and options for buyers.

Home Warranty FAQs

Here are some answers to your questions about First American home warranties.

What does a home warranty cover?

First American Home Warranty has plans and options to choose from to best suit your home's specific requirements. Plans can include coverage for kitchen appliances, water heaters, plumbing, plumbing stoppages, electrical, heating system, and more. Optional covered items can include pool and spa equipment, a well pump, and more. Get a quick quote and see what's covered.

What is a service call fee?

This is the fee paid to First American Home Warranty when you request service. The service call fee is similar to the deductible you pay when you make a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Who do I contact at First American Home Warranty when a covered item breaks?

When a covered item fails, sign in at or call First American at 800.992.3400 to request service. It is important to contact us first, as we do not reimburse for services performed without approval.

How quickly are home warranty claims handled?

After we confirm coverage here at First American Home Warranty, the repair technician typically receives the claim dispatch within four hours, during regular business hours. Normally, the technician will initiate service within 48 hours. Simple repairs are usually made on the first visit. If parts must be ordered, however, an additional visit(s) may be needed to complete the repair or replacement.

Who will you send out to my home to service my system or appliance?

We will send a technician from our network of thousands of independent service providers who are pre-screened, and monitored for performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Trust First American

At First American, we have spent decades building a reputation that our customers can rely on. Many Phoenix home warranty companies make big promises, but few have our company’s experience, which comes from serving our more than 325,000 Arizona customers since 2008, including our many satisfied customers who are willing to vouch for their services.

We have built a culture of meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every step of the process, providing world-class customer care that's available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Our comprehensive home warranty plans in Arizona are designed to provide peace of mind for all covered home systems and appliances, and our wide network of technicians are always nearby and available to tackle even the most challenging issues.

Having a reliable home warranty in Arizona can provide you with additional assurance that your household appliances will be serviced quickly and without hassle. If you want to learn more about what type of coverage we can offer, get a quote today.

First American Reviews

If you're unsure whether our service is what you're looking for, it's a good idea to read the Arizona home warranty ratings and reviews. We've got plenty of happy customers who are willing to share their stories. Here are just a few:

I have filed claims with First American Home Warranty over the last five years, and every single time the response has been quick and timely. Thank you! Hassle-free service and worth the amount of attention they give to each case.

Hannah of Phoenix, AZ

I've had the First American Premier Plan for years. Their online claim portal is quick and easy. The system is organized. They have a repair company call the same day or next day and each company has got the job done successfully in a reasonable time. I've had many home repairs fixed via First American, so I feel it has been worth the cost so far and would recommend it for homeowners with limited time and homeowners that don't want a surprise bill for an unexpected problem.

Jay of Scottsdale, AZ

We have used First American's service several times. They have always been quick to set up our service and the jobs have been completed timely. Better to spend $75 for a service call than $500+ on a new motor for our A/C unit. This is only one example of the work they have performed. We have used them for our pool equipment, refrigerator, and garbage disposal.

Hill of Queen Creek, AZ

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