Protect Your Budget with a Home Warranty

If you own a home, you think about ways you can best protect your budget from unexpected expenses. When you plan, keep your home’s appliances and systems in mind. After all, like most other household items, they have a limited lifespan. 

The fact is that no matter how well made your dishwasher, air conditioner, clothes washer, water heater, and other appliances and systems may be, or what they may have cost, they will break down eventually. And when one of them goes kaput, it’s never a convenient moment for you or your budget. Fortunately, you can protect your budget—and the hardworking items in your home that help make life easier—with home warranty coverage.

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Protection That Fits Your Budget

Find home warranty coverage to protect your budget when home systems or appliances fail.

How a Home Warranty Helps You

With a First American home warranty, your budget is protected when covered appliances and systems stop working. You can contact us to request service on covered broken items as many times as you like—and save hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.*

In fact, last year, nearly two-thirds of our home warranty customers filed at least one claim, and many filed more than one. As a result, we paid out more than $193 million** to repair or replace these covered items in our customers' homes:

Air Conditioner Heating System Plumbing Electrical System Oven/Range Water Heater Refrigerator
REPAIR $924 $794 $473 $418 $1,246 $902 $1,338
REPLACE $3,270 $2,990 $1,130 $1,650 $3,413 $1,650 $3,090
Air Conditioner
Heating System
Electrical System
Water Heater

family funAs you can see, without a home warranty, many homeowners can find their budgets suddenly upended to pay for unforeseen repair or replacement costs.**

We think you'd rather spend your money on better things.

If you’re a homeowner, get a quote started today.

Home Warranty FAQs

What does a First American home warranty cover?

First American home warranties come in various forms that can be tailored to your home’s unique needs. We offer a basic home warranty plan to cover the most common appliances found in the average home. You can also choose optional coverage to include pool/spa equipment and a washer/dryer.

How much does a First American home warranty cost?

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The price of a home warranty can vary depending on the coverage that you’re seeking. However, you can find plans as low as $28 a month, which will protect your home. To find the best home warranty for your budget, it’s easy to compare plans by getting a free quote.

Does the age of my appliances matter?

No, as long as the unit is functional when the plan is activated, First American will have a plan to cover it regardless of age.

Are there any exclusions or limits?

Covered items are protected from damage or breakdowns that are the result of normal wear and tear. Damage caused either deliberately or accidentally, such as dropping a refrigerator down a flight of stairs, would be outside the warranty's scope.

First American Home Warranty Reviews

Read reviews from homeowners just like you! With more and more people at home, you can see why our customers want the comprehensive coverage and trusted service First American delivers.

The downside of being a homeowner is you're responsible for every little thing that could go wrong in the house. But with First American, I know I can pay a small fee and I'm going to get the problem repaired or replaced.

Over the 19 years I've been with First American, if I had one word to describe their service, it's reliability.

Tom, Customer since 2002
First American is essential for me. I am a single mom of two kids and I own a business, so to have something go wrong in the house is devastating and throws us off track. To know that I have someone who can fix it, so readily available to me, is amazing because it's something that's outside of my wheelhouse. 
Over the last three years using First American, I would say that I've easily saved $500 to $1,000 a year in service calls.
Tiffany, Customer since 2018

I would say the most stressful part of being a homeowner would have to be things breaking around the house, and it’s so nice knowing First American has my back, because I can come home and continue my day without worrying about anything.  

I would highly recommend First American, for a first time, or for any homeowner. Highly, highly recommend.

Tara, Customer since 2019

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